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The ones full of nondescript camps with lots of RVs, occupied by relatively normal-looking, mostly middle-aged people? Start your own theme camp with unique art, a great bar, incredible sound system, lighting effects up the yin, and an ‘ironic’/comedic theme based on sex with you.

If you don’t have a cute, sweet, slobbery partner in crime, then take your friend’s dog for a walk. Or two, they can get the girl’s attention, lead to a conversation, and make for a happy ending if you’re really lucky. So as fun as it is to have your hookup buddy across the hall, just be careful who you smooch next happy hour. So naturally, this is a good spot to pick up both food and a chick. He went to the store to get groceries (possibly a chips and guac dish?If you’ve already asked everyone else in Black Rock City with no luck, take the sure thing: go to First Camp and ask for anyone from the Board.6.Those entire neighborhoods behind Center Camp, out past Kidsville?After a while of walking around in the dark she comes upon what looks like this portable toilet out in the middle of nowhere.She thinks to herself, "I could pee right now," walks over to the porta potty and opens the door. Instead there's a guy standing behind a wooden bar top with shelves of liquor behind him.She stayed there for a while, had a couple of drinks, thanked the bartender and then walked back to her camp.


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